FIAT 500 Twin Air POP


More power and fewer emissions are always in vogue, which is why the 500 gets a revised TwinAir engine line-up. The diminutive 875cc two-cylinder turbo is now available with 104bhp, as tested here, which costs £600 more than the old car’s 84bhp version. (You can still buy that engine in the new range, too.)

Weirdly, you’ll have to press the dash-mounted Sport button to get 104bhp, though, otherwise you’ll be in 97bhp ‘eco’ mode. That’s a slightly odd name for the less powerful state of tune, since Fiat claims economy and CO2 emissions for both modes are identical. We say leave it in Sport – the car will remember your selection and always start up in that mode, and it makes no difference to the steering or the suspension.